Vets are People Too!

As A Writer I have much about myself I do not discuss. One in what I go through Mentally. Mental health Is such a touchy subject. Its widely discussed but not really understood, and extremely judged by others. After receiving My first set of sugar gliders My Vet became one of my speed dial Buttons. It Makes my blood Boil when I read articles like this.

Suicides among veterinarians become a growing problem

This breaks my heart! After having receiving my first sugar gliders, My vet was forever on speed dial. When My Grand-fur-baby Mushu came into our life we had a second vet just for him. I even have a vet for emergencies who i rely on when no one else can help.

All the vets I use are warm, compassionate and loving people who have dedicated there lives to taking care of animals. The heal them when they are sick. They love them when they are broken. They are the only ones who go home at night sick to their stomachs because they saw an animal in such bad shape because the owner is neglectful, the animal had to be put down.

Sadly Robin Is not alone. But working in the customer service industry is hard. Veterinarians, tax prepares, nurses, and most other costumer services fields are open to attacks more now then ever.  Angry pet owners who are sad, confused, and for lack of a better phrase “Greif Stupid” do not think about what they are saying.

“A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.”
Bruce Lee

We have made it socially acceptable to speak up and use your words, but we forgot to remind people to temper those words with kindness. Once those words are said you cant take them back.  No one thinks of the People under those Lab Jackets and tired looks. At the end of the day they are living, breathing, loving people.

If you work in the service industry, Thank you. Please get help if you need it. The thankless jobs you work are not worth missing the beautiful thing around you.

Did you fall from a shooting star?

My greatest joy has become a life long romance of words. My ambition to write, has always been laced with romanced and drama. The things that stir me have been the intermingled with hope and longing to live a life being me.

“Give me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.” Fitzgerald said an yet loved. Zelda was his heart, and there was something deep in that love that sparked in him and he wrote. He is my soulmate. My kindred spirit from another time. The man I look up to and wonder, did you feel like this when you were in love. He had to. Good writers, write what they know.

Love and connect to another person is that thing that keeps us from doing truly evil things to. When you connect to someone else’s soul, you are no longer feel the need to be selfish. Your heart Seeks comfort even if it is only for a moment. In that moment a life time of memories are made. some that will never be lived.

Connection is the core writing passion. Connection is looking into your lovers eyes and know they fell from a shooting star to love you. It doesn’t mater if it is for a trip around the son that will last a life time, or a short passionate burst before it hits the earth. That connection at that moment is your.

Did you fall from a shooting star, or are you the one who found it?



Why I write Romance…

Life is an amazing journey. Sometimes we take the less traveled paths. and sometimes we follow in the foot steps of the river of people that live in and out of our everyday lives. Ever life is as unique and as individual as a snow flake. because its the people who give them their detail.

Couples who have faced adversity. Couples who have fought, or never fought. Couples who fell in love at first site and couldn’t get enough of each other. Worshiping each other late in the night and then look each other in the eyes wanting, nah needing more.

Some stories are so extraordinary, they need to be told. They need to breath and live so they can gather and the hearts of others and create hopes and dreams of love. Even a married woman will hide away once in a while to fawn over a budding romance. Why because she remembers.

This is why I write. I remember. The love in my heart and endless ocean of memory. My words are a sirens call to my readers to come to me so I can take you deep in the waters so you can drown in a sweet emotion of connection and joy. The give you back to the world, breathless and fighting for air.

Tell me what captivates you, and I will spin you a tale to cure all that ails you.

Back to Me

I would like to apologize to the my readers. I have been gone so long that I have almost forgotten that I love to write. Sitting in my office, glass of wine in hand, I am looking to finally emerge from the Darkness and begin to write again.

I have thought often of working freelance just to get my name known, but, that would be a job and I write for loving inspiration. I have turned my skills of inspiring others to The day to day interactions of my day job.  Though It is too dangerous to tell you what I day to day, I can tell you it allows me the liberties to meet amazing people.

I met a man who shared a beautiful description of life, and his love for Coney Island. Of course i must agree after delving into Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Love never Dies”. He referred to his near death experiences as amazingly uplifting. An experience he would cherish because it allowed him to see a miracle in the mirror every morning.

I also met a man who swayed my heart with a tale of the woman he loved taking her own life. He now does beautiful things for others. His heartbreak moved me to tears and yet I found a world of comfort within his story.

After meeting so many who lived life on such beautiful borrowed time, I think I am ready to stop hiding who I am and step into the light. New software and many years of ideas. Have brought me to a desire to share with you my world of words.

If you love them….

I have been thinking the last day or so about the old saying, “If you love them set them free.”

I don’t believe it.

If you have to make a choice between loving someone and letting them go, then it isn’t love to begin with. You cannot let love go any more then you can give up your heart because it’s broken. Love can be forgotten if neglected, turned if it is ignored, but, never let go of.

Love is listening to the rain with the windows open late at night.  Love is comfort when you are sad, a hug when you are lonely and a text when you feel like no one cares at all.

Love is your best friend, your strength and your joy.

I, like many others on this planet, want love. I want to be chosen, every day to be loved. I want someone to look at me with the joy that shows me, I am the one that makes them happy.  So to you I have this to say;


You are my best friend. You are my joy. You are the one I choose today and every day.  We may be apart, we may not speak at all and that’s OK. But I cannot see my life without you in it. I cannot let you go because I love you. You have my heart and love knows no barriers. You are so quiet….. What are you thinking?

Do you miss me at all?

Fifty Shades of Something More

I have finally sat down to watch the movie “Fifty Shades” and “Fifty Shades Darker”. I didn’t read the books or watch the movies until now because I have researched bondage and it did not interest me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Betty Page fan. I just didn’t know how i would handle two hours of it.

I can now say, from a writers and a woman’s perspective, I loved it.

Not the thought of bondage… but the characters emotions drew me in like a good seductive story. if you don’t get stuck on the abuse behind the story and see the characters for who they are, the story is so much better.

The emotional upheaval behind both Anna and Christian are intense. To have a woman who wants nothing more than a beautiful romance tossed into a dark world and finding a man to love, is what every woman dreams of. To have a man who is hard and has grown up jaded by the world and the people in it, finds love. What greater gift can you ask for when you are so broken that there is no chance for you to be right?

Emotionally this story has touched me on a level I didn’t think i could see again. The movie was cast well, the actor on camera creates a magic that you don’t see often. Yes there are things in the book which cause alarm in the extremists… but that is not what captured me. It was the hope.  The hope that even broken, emotionally scared skeptics can learn to love. Learn to love so deeply that they find joy in life outside of their broken mind… and begin to heal. This hope is why I write. It would be a great honor to captured a similar feeling for my readers.

What captures you? What makes you feel like not all love is lost?

My Dad and what he taught me.

I have never written anything truly personal. I have talked a ton about the Amazing Dr. Black, but nothing really about my family. The Doctor and I had a wonderful relationship, but, nothing can take the place of a girls love for her father.

My father is a teacher of sorts. A well learned man who loved the supernatural and all things that science couldn’t explain. He loves God and helping people find who they are. My dad is a man of teachings and faith. he has the biggest heart you will ever see and has always said that “Love knows no barriers.” More than anything else, My father believed that people, through the will of god, created Miracles.

I watched My Dad do amazing things. He did not tell me how to love people, he showed me. With everything he did his kindness never faltered, even when the world changed. Some days it feels like the world is crumbling because we have lost something deeper than peoples attention to what is going on in the world. We have lost the meaning inside ourselves. That thing that celebrates joy and searches for truth. That small spark in each of us that imagines and dreams.

My Daddy and his beautiful smile is loosing a battle every day to Dementia.  With that fight I am loosing the talks that we had about love, owning the feelings you have inside, using the strength inside of you to lift up other people. His stories lost.

So in celebration of my Daddy, I want to encourage everyone to sit and think of the things they love. Put down your cell phones and social media or news and tell a story. take thoughts and wield them into a story that comes from your heart. Nurture it, share, love it, and let it grow into something amazing that will inspire and uplift. Not all sad stories depress, sometimes the surrender a little hope before you cry.

In this time so desperately needed…. come with me and create a miracle or two.

True Love and happy endings

I am a romance writer. My flowery use of words have gotten me in trouble as of late. Because I feel things so deeply I can find thousands of ways to describe how I feel, when I only need one.  That is wonderful for purging myself during times I need a romantic moment, not so great when I am trying to write my novel.

So what is the most die hard romantic to do with the sting of romantic scenes locked in her head? Write more stories.  Put the them all down in one place and come up with new stories to use them in. So I did. I pulled out 6 pages of overly used love scenes. I guess that means I am going to be writing for a while. On the plus side… I have extra content if I need it.  Maybe my blog should get a touch more romantic.

I think I need a new kind of muse.

Being lost in the eyes of an unknowing Muse…

While thinking today about screen writing, and what actors would play my characters in a movie, I got side tracked.  I was supposed to be working on rewrites for my editor. Instead I clicking through online photos for inspiration. I of course stopped on my favorite actor right away.

I remember the first time I watched Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. He was handsome and scary and all I could think was I would not have fought him. with ever movie he continues to win over that part of my imagination the thrills my senses and causes me to writes the most wonderful scenes.

In Phantom of the Opera I was glued to my seat. I watched it again and again hoping for a sequel.  Then I found “Love Never Dies”. So if anyone following me knows Mr. Butler…. Tell him this must happen.

In so many of his films, you do not get to see the charm and wit he is unable to display in some characters. But never the less he is amazingly versatile and carries a presence that bleeds over into still photos and silent interaction. No wonder just looking into the mans eyes causes a woman to pause, even in an empty room.

The thoughts “if only” followed by an overwhelming love scene marching its way through my brain have me sitting here working on something new.

Inspiration Achieved.

A beautiful muse found in rewrite hell….

As every one knows I am a writer.  Scribbling poetry, stories and the occasional blog for any one who will listen. My latest work of fiction has become my true calling.  my passion littered in the pages of an unsuspecting vessel preparing for the world to read.

The problem?

I cannot keep my grammatical errors from interrupting the flow.  Sigh, Yes I needed an editor. As luck would have it I met one by chance through another editor and she has just sent me my first notes. I am about half way through all the red comments and it struck me, just how much of a godsend she is.

Every charming note, and questioning notation has not only been amusing,but, inspiring. She takes all the creative interpretation out of the project and tells you what needs to happen. I am finding out I adore that.

For all the authors that know just how hard it is to find a really good editor… I cannot tell you enough how amazing she truly is. I am looking forward to making this book a world wide must read for people everywhere.  Lets see if we can hit the best seller list…. together.