Escaping the Pages, to the minds of the lost and creative.

Welcome to the blog of Rowen Black. This blog was created to inspiration those who would be writers. With the changes in the media, and also traditional publishing, the market is flooded with amazing people writing for the masses.For the lucky few, this can mean instant fame. For those not so lucky it could mean years of writing to no end. It could mean frustration and worry. to have nothing but boxes of papers and a half dozen computers being used for parts.

Fear not! If you remember nothing else about starting out, remember this. 

You are not alone. 
I am only one of many and I say to you, Write! Create! Dream! This is the only way to live. Conformity is those who cannot dream,or who are not strong enough to walk outside the lines. Sometimes the best things come from stepping out of the box and going on an adventure.

I am looking for the prize all writers seek. The prize of global acceptance.To be seen for the stories I tell, and loved for them. I wish to write a truly lasting tale. My vision of writing for others has come from a life time of writing and creating for myself. I feel, I need a change. My mind no longer is large enough to contain the ideas that live within me.  

So today begins a journey. A journey of discovery, hope, success and most of all, love. Won't you join me in my journey?

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