In the words of a stranger… The Journey begins.

Today I have started my new novel. All my other aspects are finally in order. My artist is creating beautiful works of art. My editor is ready for something to fix and I have several wonderful women who are ready to read my stories. What’s next? The book itself. But what should I write?

Unlike the other long list of decisions I can pass off to other people to make, this one is mine alone to make. I have decided to use my endless supply of short tales and random musings to create a book of short stories. I know that this is something that many authors do at some point in their careers, so I have decided to get mine out of the way.

No coffee tonight. My little solarium is all decked out for romance and writing. I have set up my playlists for different moods, lit candles to give the room a heart stopping ambiance, and poured my self a nice glass of red wine.  I am in the mood for a ghost romance tonight I think. Sigh…. let the writing begin. Excerpt to be posted tomorrow.


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