Nanowrimo… Last minute gear up.

Still In my beloved NC staying in a small lodge on the Parkway. What a sight! The fall colors are late, but they are far from disappointing. How I do love Asheville in the fall.  Sitting at my Favorite spot in the dinning room overlooking the large mountain range, I cant help but think about the upcoming writing competition.   Since it will be my first attempt to write a novel is such a short amount of time, I figure i would start mulling over my characters. Those who know me know I always use descendants of characters I have used before. All my stories are in some way or another intertwined with other stories or people. Yes Darling, “Spoilers”.

So my characters this November are Sarah and David. Sarah is a teenager girl who has moved to a new town where nothing interesting happens. David, on the other hand, travels on tour with his friends. David is loved the world over by adoring fans, where Sarah is a bit of a homebody.

David, however, has a dark past and an even darker future waiting for him. The two are destined to meet. their love story foretold long ago.This is a story of hopeful dreams and dark intents. Which one will win out in the end?


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