There is no greater tribute to life, than to write a novel.

I was listening to a conversation at the next table this morning and got sucked in, like I do with all great stories. The couple sitting next to me were talking about the hike they had taken yesterday. I listened as they described the leaves that had settled on the path way, the animals they had seen on the way, and the romantic picnic they had had on the river. The two love birds had gone to White waterfalls and had lunch on a rock in the river.

They had laid out a blanket, stuck a bottle of bubbly in the river to chill, and sat there until finally the young man had asked the young woman to marry him. I smiled as I heard her recap to him how she felt, because, these are the moments we as writers try to recreate in our stories. Excitement, joy, frustration, pain, all emulated but words and a talent in creative speaking. Working on my Characters for my upcoming novel I am reminded of this couple and how the look of love is timeless. The feel of love is inspiring and the lose is cataclysmic.

To all the people who read my blog. I hope this beautiful day brings you inspiration. May something in the world be so beautiful, it makes your heart skip. If you do find something, feel free to share it with me.


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