Breathing Life into Story. The Research Begins.

With the first day of November at the end of this week, I have just finished researching the small little town my character Sarah Is from. It has taken a couple of days to walk down the streets, look in all the shops and talk to the people to really get a feel for what the town was back on the 70s.  I choose this time period because in the grand scheme of things, this is a pivotal point of my story. Since all of my stories and characters revolve, or tie into, a piece of my central Story line, this is one of many books I will write that tell the back ground of my original story line.

Highlands, N.C. is a small town with an elevation of 4118 feet. This small mountain top is covered in amazing lakes, brimming waterfalls, and town that feels as if it is in a time zone of its own. I rented a tour guide for the day to take me to the small out of the way spots, which usually only the locals know. I wanted to breathe in this amazing place and see all the beauty underneath. I was not disappointed.

The drive from Franklin to Highlands was amazing. Deep gorges that dropped from the road with such a slant I felt my stomach fall at the sight of it. Massive Spills of cascading waterfalls rushing rapidly as if it were late for a ball. The trees were a spectacular variety of color. The traffic made it feel like rush hour on International Drive. I suppose I was not the only leaf-looker out today. And who could blame me?

The town itself was crowded. My tour guide explained that this was a tourist season here because of the views nestled in the trees. “City people” he said with a smile, “can’t handle living here all the time. But they sure do like to come look at the leaves.” Apparently this high up, when the wind blows, the power goes out.  When it snows heavy, the power goes out. When it rains so hard trees loose branches, the power goes out. Man that sounds like living positively mid-evil. Good for a visit and even better for a story.

My guide took me all over and my favorite place had to be Kilwins. The owner of course from Florida, doing an amazing business in the sweet shop. We have several Kilwins in Florida, but, not like this. It was Heaven! The wood floors, the smell drifting down the streets outside, the caramel cooking in the cauldron. What could be better? After a half a day of collecting Intel on my story place, I have seen so many beautiful things. Thank you so much Mr. Chambers, for showing me your town and sharing with me your history. It is time to start my first chapter.

Mirror Lake Highlands, NC

Mirror Lake Highlands, NC


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