Life, Writing, and the cutting of ties.

I hope that the Nanowrimo writers are having an easier time than I am of writing and meeting their daily goals. I have been called away for life and for school and the all too horrible W–k word so much this week that if I make a 500 word goal a day i am grateful. With the quitting of yet another artist, this makes like 30 to vanish on me in the last few years, I find my self amazind at my children. My last post was a chapter from the book I am working on for Nanowirmo entitled “Chandi”. My heart was so broken when my artist bowed out, ever so graciously, to tend to his own life. I expected it… but, I was hoping he had been the one.

Low and behold my middle child took the opportunity to show me something. Something he had made for me. He had taken a picture and made it pretty for me on a program he had been using, in hopes of making me smile. I hugged him and promptly posted the photo as my new cover.

I never thought I could be more surprised and feel such love for my children. Every day they never stop amazing me with the encouragement for my writing and the support of who I am.

I am truly blessed. Now if I can just meet my writing goals. 🙂

Good Luck



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