Nurturing a endless word count to create The perfect escape.

As the days linger on, and the coffee in the cabinet dwindles between shopping, my word count slowly creeps back up to the 10 thousand mark it is supposed to hit. I forget to log it in the Nanowrimo website, but, it is exciting none the less to watch my word count grow. The Challenge comes when I get a rush of excitement for other stories and hit a 3000 word count at the end of a rush. This is great but it has nothing to do with the story that I have been working on.

So… I open a bottle of wine. I am eager to celebrate the small achievements in life.

So today it’s all about the story in hand. The story of my beloved Chandi. This is, for me, is a very personal story. A lot of things I miss about North Carolina, I miss the feel the most. There is something special about the deep woods in Western NC. It is a feeling that sends chills up your spine. If you have ever been on a slow boat ride through the Everglades or a drive through Cades Cove, you know the feeling I am talking about. It is that feeling that there is something old and mysterious that is watching you.

That is a fantastic feeling to me. That is the feeling I draw on to help me create an incredible mood. If my writing and the description of those places my stories are set can make me, the author, feel like that, then I am writing a good story. So I write on. I call upon all the words I know, and some I don’t know as well, to help me in creating a place for the perfect escape.

How am I doing?


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