Writers Unite! All Hail, the end of being superficial! Thank you Meryl!

After my recent rant of an unsatisfying evening of purging my characters romp session so my head could cool down and I could sleep. I got caught up at looking over my home page on Facebook. Yes my lovies, I to stalk your pages.

Or rather, I stalk the friends I have gathered over the last few weeks. I mainly look for what people are writing. When they are on and compare myself to the people I have randomly befriended.

I have recently found a real gem among my list, (Renee Carter), who has posted the best picture ever of Meryl Streep. I would at this point rattle off what she is best known for and the movies she has graced in her years of film, but, honestly if you don’t know who she is you have obviously been under a rock for Decades. Watch a movie for crying out loud! I digress.

I don’t think I could ever tell Meryl what an impact she has had on me since I first saw her in Silkwood. But, it is not just the actress that has me totally enamored with this statuesque beauty.  It is her no-nonsense, cut to the chase, as real as it get take on what she likes and doesn’t like.  I know for a fact we have all had those friends that smile to our face and then spout ugliness behind our back. Yes Heather… I mean you! Where does it end?

So I shall follow my beloved Meryl’s lead. I will post to bring joy , happiness and the occasional hot flash to the readers I have in this world that is seriously lacking in the romance department.

We the writers should unite. We have a part to play in the downsizing world of human understanding. We are the dreamers that can express an idea that can be shared with millions by the click of a button.  We are the inventors who can create a world for everyone to visit and share as their own. If words are power then we, my friends, are the most powerful people alive, because stories are remembered far longer than actual events.

If you didn’t know you had power and you are learning this for the first time. Then show me you know what to do with it. Take me to a world, in which I have never been before.



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