Chandi Chapter 3

For days the events in the library ate me alive with fury. Me, the one who is never angry and always happy, couldn’t even smile. Unless, of course, I was thinking of Davis smiling at me, then I lit up like a freaking Christmas tree. I would realize what I was doing and get so mad I could throw things. Days like that one, were a common occurrence unfortunately. No, it is not teenage hormones, It full blown disgust. And it was seriously putting a wrench in my otherwise perfect mood.

As the weather turned colder the drive to school became less of a tortuous ride and more of an art show. By the end of October all the mountains looked as if the had been covered in color by a crazy artist. I could imagine some crazy old lady with a cane in a white cover up, cackling in her little red barrette as she dipping her hands in paint and flicked colors onto the trees. My mom and I had spoken little these last few months. She was avoiding me as much if not more than I was avoiding her. I was apparently not the best of company. Since she drug me up here, the only things I said to her were nasty words of how much I hated this place. I wanted to go home and I let her know about it every chance I could. Davis being the way he was, wasn’t helping.

I stopped trying to make friends and told everyone who would listen that I wanted to go home. This small little town had nothing. No malls, no real friends, for the first time in my life I didn’t fit in. I was miserable. Or so I thought. It really wasn’t a bad place to live, but, I missed the way things were. I missed my house in the city and being able to walk where ever I wanted. I missed the hundred degree heat and a pool to cool off in.

With the oncoming of Halloween my depression only grew. There was no where to go. No parties, no dances. Just stuck at home with mom on what is supposed to be the best night of the year. I couldn’t even trick or treat around the neighborhood since mom had moved us to was so far away from civilization that you need hiking equipment and a compass to find your way back to main road.

You probably think I am kidding.  But honestly, I could sit on my back porch and see nothing but trees. You couldn’t even see the closest neighbor’s house. I was too scared to go outside exploring, because I knew there were bears in the woods. Real ones and I just knew they would eat me! The is no part of them like Yogi or Boo boo.

The peak, to the chaos that is called my life, came in early November. I had been working on a project for class. The late nights had gotten to me and I was so tired. I walked around most the day like a zombie. I sat in my normal seat in the lobby of the auditorium and waited for those familiar steps.

“Man Chandi, you are looking kinda ragged.”

“Finishing up a project in Civics. I haven’t been sleeping much. I don’t think I am going to finish before tomorrow.”

“Want some help?”

“No I just want some sleep.” He was quiet for a long time. till he finally came over and tilted my hand up to look at him.

“Tell you what. If you are that worried about a grade, what If I can get you out of class tomorrow to give you an extra day to rest, will you go to a movie with me tomorrow night?”

I looked at him sideways. Did he just ask me out? This thorn in my side who has been making me crazy for weeks, just asked me out on a date. Why?

“Earth to Chandi, Is that a yes?”

“Let me get this right. You get me an extra day, you take me to a movie, I get a full nights sleep. So that is three good things for me in the deal. What do you get out of it?”

“You will help me win a bet.” My face felt hot instantly. He was asking me out for a bet? What the hell was the bet? Well if it was anything involving the removal of my unmentionables, he could so forget it. It was doubtful he could pull it off anyway, he didn’t have that kind of power over me.

“Great.” He stepped a little closer to me. “You might want to put an extra cover on your bed tonight. He winked as he smiled, then quickly made for his exit. Why in the world would I need an extra blanket? Its not like the weather here was that bad. He walked out of the stuffy auditorium lobby, leaving me alone with my own thoughts. Gently I put everything away. If I had been a normal person, I wouldn’t count on his hunches to gain me an extra day. However, I was not normal. Davis was not normal. We had special gifts and things just happened for us. I was actually kind of excited to see what he was going to do.

Mom woke me up the next morning with an over excited tone. She ran in and out of my room several times before I finally realized it hadn’t been a bad dream, she really was acting like an over grown kid. I rolled over pulling my comforter over my head. I worked until the early morning to finish that project with the promise I would get to sleep in. The cover over the head didn’t deter her. She stood there shaking me violently. ‘Get up,’ she said over and over. Groggy I through back the covers and put my legs over the side of the bed.

“What is wrong with you?”

“Oh! Come see!” She ran back out of my room for the last time. I waited for her to come back but there was just silence.  I had warn my thick socks to bed just in case the comment Davis made about the extra blanket panned out. As soon as my feet hit the tile I was very glad I had. The cold floor was seeping right through the thick layer of my socks. I walking out into the living room in my pj’s finally felt the frigged cold.

“Mom is the heat on?”

“Oh Chandi, come look.”

Turning my head I saw what used to be our brown and green balcony was now a white covered mess. The balcony been covered in a layer of white fluff about 3 inches thick. I had never seen snow before. It didn’t look anything like it had on TV. It was soft. Quickly i opened the door and took a step closer. I stuck my hand in it and pulled it back immediately, it was really cold.

“They called school out today.” She said with excitement. “So I guess we get the whole day to do what we want. I am going to go make us some cocoa.”

He really did it. He got me an extra day to finish my project. But, there was no way he was going to be able to come get me for a movie tonight. “What do you say we make it a movie Marathon day? Who knows how long we will be stuck indoors.Oh! We can make pancakes.”

“Sure Mom. That sounds great.” Mom smiled and we in to start breakfast and cocoa. She was all excited because she didn’t have to work either. We lived half way up a mountain which meant all privet roads and only one snow plow. We were stuck. My heart dropped slightly. I guess the movie plans were out for tonight. That meant a full day with just mom, and no way to escape. I had really looked forward to seeing a movie with Davis.

Looking across the landscape gave me a chill. The whole woods were really still. It was like nothing was moving. No wind, no air, just deafening silence. I watched as big clumps of snow fell to the ground from heavy hanging tree limbs. First one tree than another. It was already warming up and falling to the ground. It was melting. I smiled. Good, I thought. I had a date tonight.


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