The Realization of True Love and Nanowirmo

What a Rush! 2687 words last night and the beginning of the most gut wrenching love story ever. I am talking tissue avalanche when it concludes. *I know Spoilers* But will it be heart breaking the way you think or completely unexpected. 🙂

I am sitting at my desk coffee in hand  Glad my Chanti has at least  come to understand how she feels. I mean when the though first hit, I had the feeling of doing the couch hop made famous by Tom Cruise. I wanted to scream from the Rafters!!!! “SHE HAS FINALLY ACCEPTED HER DESTINY!”

I know, I am totally in charge of the story. But, Chandi is really giving Davis a hard Time. I mean gosh. Even by the end of chapter 2, Which posted yesterday BTW, she is feeling it. But, dang. Young love has never been easy to fully understand nor explain. I much prefer being in love as an adult. It feels far more solid. I don’t know if you, as in the person trying desperately to get through this blog, have been reading my post so far. I hope you have. I have posted 2 chapters of my Nanwrimo Project so far. I have 7 chapters done but I like to go through the chapters again and make sure I really want to post it. Please look for chapter 3 which should be appearing some time before 5.

Late nights of listening to 80’s music, not to mention the occasional bottle of Cab, has paid off. The base is set and not the plot twist may progress in an embolden fashion. Too much coffee, I think. Maybe the second cup was unwise. Hum…. regroup.

If I have peeked your interest at all about the love affair of my story, please follow the posting of my chapters. And send feed back if you wish. By the end of the story it will be well worth it.


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