Sharing your dreams shouldn’t crush someone else.

Over the last week or so I have posted the first three chapters of an upcoming project. It shouldn’t really come to any surprise at how I am feeling now that I have had a little bit of feed back. I am elated! Jovial! Anticipating the moments where I can reach through the screen and touch the hearts of countless people who want to write. In fact I hope, being friends with so many writers who share such great stories, we all do that. If so I want to hang a sign saying,

Enter the Rowen’s of the world.

I will have to call you all Rowen, because, I don’t know all of your names yet. To learn them,to meet you as a person, will be a glorious adventure.

I am in search of the you. The truth bringers, the gift givers, we the ones who will take a frightened writer by the hand and say, “Please, write me some more.” I have seen the timid writers, scared of the criticism that people can bring. Let’s face it, some people can be just plain mean. And for what? To cause a wonderful story not to be told? The horror! What if it is really good?

To all of you published authors who tell young, or even old, first time up and comings, that they are being published by any idiot who can pick up a pen…. For shame! You were blessed with the gift of words, Granted the privilege of reaching millions and the wrong words hurt.

It would take a little more time, but, no more effort, maybe a softer set of words to tell that person, “You have a good understanding for stories. Let me point you in a better direction.”

I have a challenger for everyone who has a negative thought. Write a story. Write a 50,000 word story and share it with your closest friends. If you can do that, succeed in all parts…Then celebrate you success, by helping someone else succeed. Encourage someone else their voice is precious. There dreams are brilliant! Because, they are.

The heart of a writer is an amazing place. Depending on the person it can be a small brick house, which can with stand the big bad wolf. Some are so fragile, it could be like a hole in the sand, where any small amount of harsh words will cause it to collapse in on itself like an ocean tide.

For those who are timid to share your writing, we all are. If you are afraid of what people will think, we all have that fear. To accept that fear and let it keep you from shinning, if only for a moment, is a true tragedy.


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