Creative minds, emotional writing, and the occasional spouse.

I have thought much this week of the people who are married to writers, that do not actually write them selves. Or maybe they have not taken the steps to write something amazing. If they do write, they are probably amazing and I guess… I am not really talking to you. 🙂

I have talked to several friends who have amazing relationships, but their writing is vague at best. I have many friends that have good relationships and their writing makes happy and joyful. Then, I have those friends who are single and their writing makes me blush and excuse myself from everyone’s company to be alone for a moment.  No, that is not traffic in the back room.

Why does it change so dramatically?

For anyone reading a good book, you can get to a certain part in a story that you have no way of knowing how hard it it going to hit you in the gut. Since writers draw from the real world that is around us, as well as the whimsical fantasies in out heads, we had a broad range of feelings about our surroundings that we pull from. Old lovers, old friends, childhood sweethearts and of course the occasional lustful stare with a complete stranger that send you into a free fall of all kinds of amazing fantasies.

I refuse to believe that when someone, who sits down to write, is not pulling from somewhere deep down because, writers write what they know. It is a quality trademark of the best writers.  If you have a jealous spouse who questions your every word, writers block will keep you from ruining you delicate house hold balance. This can seriously mess with your creative juices. How do you handle this? You are writing for your fans no matter where you pull from. I don’t think the millions of readers in the world realize the moods swing writers face on a daily basis to give them the best story possible. I don’t think they realize the whiplash their spouse get every fifteen minutes of writing. I say this because in truth we rarely write the way a story reads.  Our 2 hours of writing could be a fight scene here, a love scene there, Mischief and betrayal lurking somewhere behind the love story waiting to pounce like a tiger in heat. Out poor spouses (or significant others.)

Thank you, to my Amazing Mr. Black for knowing that my writing is not who I am completely. Being free to write what ever I think, without ridicule, makes it so much better to create worlds for others to enjoy. You are really the perfect muse.


11 thoughts on “Creative minds, emotional writing, and the occasional spouse.

  1. I agree. Having a supportive spouse or partner who understands your writing process it a great asset. My husband is my number one fan and harshest critic. He’s a great asset to my writing process. I’m glad to hear that you have a wonderful muse of your own!

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    • If my husband fails at being a harsh critic, I will send him to your husband for lessons. For right now he is amazingly supportive. I am trying to get him to expand his horizons and write something on his own that I can go in and embellish. Nothing says love more than a collaboration of ideas. 😉

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      • My rule is my husband can only give me positive comments during the first draft. Unless, of course, he finds a major plot hole or other issue that MUST be fixed before the first draft can be completed. But he can definitely give constructive criticism when I need it.

        I think the idea of collaboration would be really fun. Daniel and I would probably never do it with fiction, but we have thought about writing a “how to” book for couples in long distance relationships, which is how our relationship began.

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      • That is a fantastic Idea! I told my husband he should start a blog on what it is like to be married to a writer. I may end up picking Daniels brains, at some point, about some religious story line stuff I need to iron out in the series I am working on. I started my vampire story in 1500 BC and I am using the myths of the Canaanite religions to base my stories. It has been loads of fun.

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      • Seriously, you should do that. Daniel has been a great encyclopedia for a demon book I’m writing, and he happens to really like Canaanite myths.

        And your idea does sound really fun. I hope you blog more about it!

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      • You can tell him I took Anat and made her amazing. and Aquat I turned him into my elder vampire and have brought him through the ages. My whole first book is going to be about his child hood, through his turning, to his escape from Anats Army. I want to incorporate as much lore as I can. Thank you That really makes me excited about working on it again.

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      • Sure. I am going to have to brush up a little on Canaanite Mythology and Religious Beliefs because it is been a while since I did that stuff (Greco-Roman Paganism, Second-Temple Judaism, and Early Christianity are my main areas of scholarly interest). More then happy to recommend some books and resources that might help as well. What I will say that is Anat is a good choice for having “something” to do with vampires. Mot, the god of death, would be another interesting choice and you could do something with Moloch, given his relationship to the sun, fire, and possibly human sacrifice. Problem is we know so little about them, but as a writer, that can work to your advantage. All depends how you are playing with vampires I guess! A good but cheap book to start with is “Stories from Ancient Canaan” [Second Edition] by Michael Coogan and Mark Smith. And if you your story is spread over centuries, a good series to look for is Joseph Campbell’s “The Masks of God,” especially Volume III: “Occidental Mythology” as it directly traces of the evolution of mythology from Canaan to Israel and beyond.

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      • That is Awesome… Using Mot actually as well as several other different Gods like Astarte. Anna them into Ashmen and is creating an arm to control the other gods. So i have actually created an army of lesser gods and taken the story from there. It has been fun. I also used the story of the Bow that Aquat got from El. I was very please how the chapters turned out. but I get confused on the sequence of things. I am using Hugo Pecos invention of vampires through the ages and a concept based on his stories. I have also created a guild of hunters from the son of a hessian soldier who left home and joined a branch of the Canadian Mounties. In each part of these individual groups i found small things that could be explored and connected it has been really cool. Thanks for the books. I will look them up today!

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