The Slow crescendo into a box of Kleenex! Is it too early for a glass of wine.

My writing is finally at the point where events are going dark.Yes, I did say dark. My happy beautiful love story has turned in the most devastating way.  Since I have only posted three chapters on WordPress, I can’t give away too much. But, I can say that I am sitting in the floor at one in the afternoon, Kleenex in hand wanting to know why would my character do that?!?!?!

I am all about my characters writing themselves into free will, but, this is just terrible.

Sitting in the sun filled solarium this afternoon looking hard at the computer screen. I have dreaded this moment as long as I have had the idea of this story in my head.  I sit and think about the out eventual come.. I know the characters will evolve into an unforgettable story. But this will be a rough couple of pages. Is it too early for a glass of wine?

Sigh, I will be back to me tomorrow. Happy writing!


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