Covers for upcoming novels? Sigh, no Artist.

It is no surprise that I, as the amazing author that I am, am having a very hard time with finding an illustrator who will stick with me to build a career. In four years I have had 20 artists agree to work with me and then for some reason, back out, drop out or just drop off the face of the earth.

This has sent me into a downward depression because I have dreams of all kinds of projects I need an artist for. But for right now all I care about is my covers. 12 novels sit ready for a face to make them famous. Enters my super hero Son, to save my world from devastation.

You may have seen the picture I put up with my excerpts from Chandi. He of course made that most beautiful cover. Then he worked with me to create the beautiful picture above. World welcome the beautiful Niki Smith, or to my novel world, Tristen.

We are still on the hunt for several more people to pose for the other characters I have but for now, I am somewhat happy.


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