Wednesday Whimsical – Enchanted

Enchanted is by far my favorite movie that characterizes the simplistic of how love should be. Girl (Amy Adams) dreams of being in love meets the wrong guy (James Marsden), but, loves with her whole heart. Finds the right guy (Patrick Dempsey) and realizes that she is destined for the most wonderful and fulfilling romance, she had never dreamed of. She had no Idea it existed.

I think of course the real hero is the Prince, no not Patrick Dempsey even though he is the perfect man. But the Prince played by James Marsden. When his beloved feel in love with the oh so handsome McDreamy, He was sad at first till he realized, “Hey this is true love. This is something that should be celebrated!”   He is my hero.  To put aside your own hurt and feeling so the one you love can be happy with someone who completes them.

And end the end he took away Nancy (Idina Menzel) who was lets face it, perfect for him in so many ways.  So he over came rage and jealousy and was rewarded with something so much more fulfilling.  If people in general would realize this love affairs Drama would be drastically reduced.

Loosing someone you love sucks, it hurts and makes you angry and if you hold it causes you to be bitter and mean. But, it you accept it, move on and find something that truly makes you happy then you are far better blessed. Then you can sit back on you happy kingdom and thank your lucky stars for all you have.


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