Born to Blog. Networking Great Writers.

We all have our favorite Writers that we like to read. For me its Neil Gaiman, JR Ward, Laurell Hamilton and of course several bloggers I follow day to day.  They may not be big name but what the Hey, I am in the business to seek out and find great writers.  Being that my blogging is still kind of new, I am slowly getting used to what is acceptable. I love blogging about my husband and how deals with my whimsical way of thinking and that gets a lot of views.

I also enjoy all of the diverse and interesting bloggers. Being a new blogger I have been sitting here most day watching my stats bar praying that it goes up just one more. Don’t judge, you all started out doing it. But now I am getting away from that, turning to stalking all of your lovely pages. I have been reading as many as i can and have several favorites Like Kate M Colby who appeals to my sophisticated side. Daniel N Gullotta who appeals to my research side. PJ Fox Writes appeal to my yearning for some learning side. And of course Opinionated Man who appeals to my… who makes me giggle.

The point is with so many choices there is something, or in my cases lots of somethings to keep you reading, forever. And some of the content is funny. Happiness at your fingertips that truly never have to stop.  There is no need to be a bully or to be ugly at someones takes on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Just move to the next Blog. I, being an old dog learning some new tricks, have decided that I was Born To Blog. If it is only to sit and re-blog people I know should be heard then so be it. Honestly, if you are busy looking for blogs to sit and ruin you need a life.

Turn that sour puss attitude int your very own ray of sunshine and spread it like the chickenpox’s on steroids. Run my little lovelies and Bring joy to the world.


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