Thursday Thoughts – Memories, Old Friends and Good Wine

Mr. Black and I have discussed many times the importance of friendship. Not just friendships, but, the friends we have and have had and how important they are in our lives. Where Mr. Black and I met later in life, we both have a lifetime of friends who have helped make us the people that we are now, perfect for each other.

For him, and totally from my prospective, he has walked a path Heavy with obstacles, long with grind of education and learning. He has embraced momentous milestones that have caused him to become one of the most intelligent people I know with out being hurtful and a Jerk. He is kind, loving and amazing. How he puts up with me I will never understand.

Coming from the back ground I did, which I shan’t go into. I was harsh and abrasive for most of my young life. I had friends who tore me down to the core and I was so raw that I had nothing left to give. Then in my 20’s, I found new friends and loved ones who built me back up and showed me the true wonders of unconditional love. I had one friend that found me broken, falling to pieces, but, saw the beauty underneath. He picked me up and hugged me so tightly that I didn’t need glue anymore to hold me together. He prepared me for the most unbelievable happiness.

Enter Mr Black.

We met and the rest of the story is bliss. We believe that your life, or series of events you live, are prepping you for something amazing. They are getting you ready for happiness and the longer you fight it, the longer it takes to achieve it. Take a moment and think back to every friend you have ever had. What did they teach you?

Make a list of who made an impact in your life. What you changed because of it? Then you will see the path that has brought you to where you are. Then celebrate with a good red wine.

Because you are perfect, Just the way you are.


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