Life, setbacks, and a really good bottle of wine or three.

I feel terrible not following through with my posts and the book  I have been feverishly working on all month for Nanowirmo. I hit a wall with my outside life and my characters paid for it with a breathtaking nap in limbo. I, however, took a much-needed break, and sleep day, for the holidays with my munchkins and my dear sweet Mr. Black. Did I tell you he was amazing?

And yes, I can sleep a full day without feeling bad about it. Well 18 hours is technically not a full day, but, I am getting off track of my original thought. Where was I? Oh yes… Writing blunder.

I felt a little guilty about being away from my screen, but then I opened a really good red wine and thought of you all very fondly as I drank it. I guess this would be the first trial of any serious writer, siting down and making yourself take the time to complete the work. I had always heard working for yourself is the most liberating experience, but, with the lack of a boss, I feel I am failing to produce as a real writer.

So how do you balance the calls of work, life, social media and still have the energy to finish a novel? I haven’t found the secret formula yet. Out side of hiring my husband to be my manager and firmly crack the whip… no that was not a sexual innuendo. Not completely. I am open to real life advice on how to balance the whole thing.  I know how to balance career and home, but when you are adding a third aspect I get a little lost.  How to manage to keep it all going and not crash and burn till you can just write full time?

Writing is not like having a second job to go to. If it were, I would excel into a satisfying groove. Blogging does help. Forcing myself to blog every day is wonderful. Since I am new to this blogging thing, I do see it as being great for my creative output. It helps to put out something that I am writing on a daily basis. It helps my brain process the obstacles my characters are facing.

I don’t always feel my mini spurts of mental babble is constructive, but, sometimes it starts the most amazing conversations.

Who has a great way to stay on track?


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