The Masks of Rowen… Newbie publishing.

Many years ago, while I was still figuring out I wanted to write, I made my living waiting tables, grading papers, or pretty much anything I could get. I am sure there are tons of writers who have had to have a real job before their writing takes off. Like now I help others in one way or another in an educational capacity. This was the biggest reason I wanted to do a blog for writers to watch as I work on writing and publishing. It is all a fascinating process.

There are places where a writer can see what to do next in the publishing process, but, no where that shows what a writer is thinking or feeling about said steps. Right now at the end of Nanowrimo.. I failed to win. I am heartbroken because the task is to write and put in a word count. I watched countless people reach it, but, I failed to. I did write a fantastic story that meant a lot to me and this is the one I will be publishing. Blogging, of course, every step of the way. I have already had a nice little rant about artist, covers and life getting in the way of goals. So now it is on to more important things like editing my finished work.

Let’s hope this part of the journey is easier than the writing part.



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