Mid Novel – Information Break

I am working on several projects at once today. So I decided to take a break. I have written over 1000 words since this morning, found a couple of great people to follow on twitter, ( is hillarious) and the shared some free verse poetry.

I even messaged Mr. Black and talked about some little plastic sword fights over drinks this evening. What in life could be better? No that I am sitting back down to my projects I have lost my entire train of thoughts.

So I open My Tiddly Wiki. I have been using it for years to organize my thoughts timelines character stuff. I don’t know scrivener well enough to use it completely… but I am getting there.

What do you use to keep track of your information?


2 thoughts on “Mid Novel – Information Break

    • OH YES I am a total fan of Pinterest. I have all the masks I want pinned and of course I have all the things I want to cook with my daughter. Sigh… I have lost whole days looking at it and Mr. Black always says what is so Pinteresting?

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