Ravens Dragon

“Energy is in everything.” Gently he took my hand leaving it in mid air and holding his above and below mine. He closed his eyes and my hand was engulfed in heat. I had never felt anything like it. The skin all over my hand felt like it was bubbling. Little surges of energy shot over the surface causing the hairs on my arms to stand. My first reaction was that I was imagining it. They he opened his eyes and it was gone.

As soon as those blue eyes hit me, I saw the dragon once again. It was out of the cave this time. It’s large red head pulling closer to me. It looked just like a dragon should look. The same kind as the thousands of pictures I had seen of them from books when I was little. Within seconds I heard the loud thump of his foot hit on the out side of the cave vibrating the earth underneath me with his step.

I stepped back quickly realizing I had pulled away from this man with the enchanting blue eyes. He smiled at me like he knew a secret I did not. For reasons I could not explain I felt like there were tiny strings holding me to him forbidding me from leaving his tent. All I could feel was that pull to him and the tiny dragon statue in my free hand.

“That was passion. Would you like to feel love?” Through no fault of my own I couldn’t speak. I weakly nodded allowing him to step closer to me. I held my shaking hand up to him unsure of what I would feel this time. If he were a charlatan then I would feel that same heat. No one person could change the temperature of their body at their will. But I did not feel heat. It was like a breeze and if it were a color it would be light blue. It was like a warm wind encircling my hand. I was amazed at the change, then he opened his eyes, but, I was seeing something else.

There I stood at the mouth of the beast I could see myself in a long white dress. My hair was long and free falling cascading in slick straight strands. I did not fear him in fact it felt as if I loved him more than my own life. I watch as this red beast stood before me and bowed at my feet. His large head bent down so his forehead was well within my grasp. I did not back away this time. I place my hands on the sides of his upper jaw and kissed his head lightly. I felt light and I felt loved. I was aglow with the emotions that I was the love in this dragon’s heart.

I didn’t pull away. When the scene in my head was over I stood face to face with the man in the tent. Already my heart was lighter than when I came in. His eyes were on me and for a moment I could have sworn they changed from blue to gold for just a second as he smiled.

“I am glad you’re feeling better.” He whispered his attention called to the side. “Come back anytime if you need reminding.” I couldn’t be sure but there was sadness there. I still couldn’t speak to him. I watched as he went to the other woman in the tent and began to talk to her about the healing property of stones. Feeling I had over stayed my welcome I paid his companion for my Dragon and returned to my car.

I sat at the kitchen table for a long time that evening thinking of him and what I had seen. I thought long and hard about the feeling he put to my hand, the one he called love. I always thought love was only felt from the heart. It had never occurred to me to believe you could feel it any where else. But that would make since.

I remembered my grandmother’s house as a little girl. My heart would light up as I walked through the door. It was the only time as a child I was completely happy. The feeling he gave me today was the same feeling I remembered. I felt sort of numb the rest of the evening. After dinner I had barely heard what the kids had said. I washed dishes in a fog, all I could think about was the kiss I gave that dragon. I wanted to see him again. In truth I needed to see him again.

Since my kids were older I had no problems with leaving them to finish their school work and get ready for bed. My mind was lost. It felt as if I were standing at the mouth of that cave too scared to go in but not content to go back. When I got back to the tents there were lights circled towards the back. The vendors were gathered around small grill which had a good sized fire in it.

I stood there for a moment watching him. I was upset with myself for not being able to move forward to him. He didn’t know me. All I could think was I wished he would look up. Then he did. His back straightened as his gazed rose to meet mine. He smiled softly holding out his hand to come to him. My heart leapt at the thought of touching his hand again. The vendors all watched as I came across the ground to stand beside the beautiful man with the enchanting eyes.

“Welcome back, Raven.” He knew my name. How did he know my name? I must have looked stunned because he went right into introductions around the fire. “I am glad you decided to accept my invitation and join us tonight. I almost feared you wouldn’t.” His eyes picked up the fire light as they danced I felt that same feeling as I did in my vision. Did he invite me to come back? Was I listening?

“I don’t get many chances to get away from the house. So thank you for the invitation.” He stood offering me his seat and reaching into the trailer next to him for another.

I sat there that night listening quietly to the people tell stories of all the places they had been. They traveled around the world stopping in different towns. It was like they were a band of Gypsies. They were a traveling community that care for and respected one another completely. I had never seen anything like it.

Jack, the man to my right, pulled out a guitar and began to play.

“Kumar! Sing us a song.” I watched the man with the enchanting eyes smile and look down. So his name was Kumar. I had always loved that name, ever since I did my thesis paper in college on the meanings of names. He was defiantly a prince.

“I am sure she would like to hear you play more than she would my singing.” Every one laughed slightly, but, I was excited at the prospect. I looked over at him wanting to say something more than what I did. But, all I could do was whisper.

“Sing for me.” His eyes did something strange in the firelight. They changed from blue to gold and then to green. The fire dancing like fireflies in the clear reflection of his eyes, it took my breath away.

With no request Jack began to play a sweet song. Kumar’s eyes never left me as he began to sing softly. I looked into his eyes for a long time, hairs on my neck rising with a sensation I had forgotten. I closed my eyes and saw him walking to me. He removed his shirt and dropped it on the floor. With a wordless stare he picked me up and carried me to the large bed in the room. My hands ran down his chest as he pushed strands of hair from my face. There was nothing indecent or forward, just the softness of his fingertips and then his lips.

When his lips touched mine I felt flashes of lightning strike my very core. Then the thunder shook my soul apart willing me to completely surrender. I reluctantly gave up this vision to hear the ending of his beautiful song. The sound of his voice was awakening that sensual side of me, I thought was lost the last time my heart was broken. All I could think was I would give this man anything he asked of me, just to be near him. As he ended his song I watched as he raised his hand wiping the tears from my face.

The evening was beautiful. The stars lit up the sky as a large moon sat at its highest point for the night. I had always loved the moon. I would watch it as a child thinking I was under some spell which kept me unhappy all the time. Later I was diagnosed with manic depression. I figured it was better to dream of beauty than live in sadness. Kumar walked me to the car and opened my door.

“Thank you for coming back.” He whispered softly. With the slowest movement he held the back of my neck and kissed my lips. My heart hit full burst, racing with a rhythm forgotten to me for such a long time. “Be well,” he whispered as he backed away from me. I’m sure I looked as disappointed as I felt.


8 thoughts on “Ravens Dragon

  1. I have internet back, so as promised…

    Am I right to assume that this is an excerpt from a larger work? It seems like there is so much more to the story, and I must admit, I was slightly confused at first and definitely curious to know more!

    My favorite part about your writing is how sensory it is. You have strong visual images as well as more subtle sensory images like sound and touch. The touch is especially clear and really brings the reader into your story.

    My one suggestion would be to stretch things out. There is SO MUCH potential here, and I think if you took more time fleshing out the story and less time summarizing, this section could be two to three chapters and really showcase the emotional journey of your protagonist (as well as allow the reader to geek out about hot Kumar and all the cool magic!).

    If you want to know more about that, Alida Winterheimer has a great video and can probably explain things much better than me. Her whole series is pretty good for quick tips. This is the one about writing in summary vs. scene: http://wordessential.com/blog/word-essential-workshop-1/

    Overall, though, I think you’re off to a great start. You’ve create intrigue, have strong sensory images, and have given your protagonist an interesting emotional journey. If this is an excerpt, I think I could offer better feedback if I read some more of the longer story. And if it is not an excerpt, you should definitely use Alida’s tips and expand it into something more!

    Hope this helps!

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