Wednesdays Whimsical – The Last Unicorn.

I’m Alive!

The first love story I remember in vivid detail was the Last unicorn. a story about a unicorn going in search of others like herself and finding an evil king has captured them all. To have her life saved, a hack magician turns her into a human so they can get into the castle and rescue her species.

I love this movie for so many reasons. I love it that one it shows that love know no bounds, and second that even regrets can make beautiful love stories. I think about this so often. If I write a story and draw from something real in life. Use someone I know and have loved and then change the ending or parts of the story to make it different then it was… Is this wrong.

I think many times I have sat down at the computer and written a story that will never be seen because of this. Think of it. How many stories are out there unread and probably amazing, because of a little thing like what someone else thinks. I am not judging… I am hopeful. With the release of Chandi, I am calling to Authors everywhere to write and publish that story. Write it under a false name if you must. Just get it out and share it. There is something healing about putting out a story that has something so meaningful to you. It reminds us that we are human. It shows us we all, somewhere, Have something in common with so many others. It gives us that one thing we all crave, Connection.

My wish is that on day I will be looked at in fondness and my only regret will be that, I did not meet each of you in person.


8 thoughts on “Wednesdays Whimsical – The Last Unicorn.

  1. I adore The Last Unicorn – of course, it always made me ball when I was little. I really like the connection you make here. People should take a chance and get their stories out in the world. Who knows how many treasures are being hidden!

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