A lot more spice.. and an open window.

Another poem to warm up my winter readers, and another glass of wine for me.

Walking through the door I see her, standing behind the sink.
I stared at her so lovingly, almost afraid to blink.

Walking up quickly behind her, quietly I kissed her neck.
I felt her fingers in my hair, as she whispered “Just a sec”.

So long she’s waited to be with me, and now I’ve come to her.
I thought of her once as only a friend, now I feel something more.

I look at her becoming confused, in a rage of different thoughts.
Her eyes dark and deep captured me, I felt my skin grow hot.

She turned to me trembling, never seeing me as just a friend.
Bring my hand to her cheek, afraid of the message it sent.

What am I doing? I thought once more. Should I kiss her to end this oddness.
Should I give her what we both want, to fan this flame between us.

Kissing her once and then again, everything fell in place.
The kiss grew more intense, as excitement quickened my pace.

Picking her up into my arms, I took her to her bed.
I laid her back so gently, her skin was hot and red.

I felt her hand around my neck, fall to my muscular arms.
She took my glasses from my face, I knew we’d come too far.

I looked at her in silence, as her body was seizing mine.
I knew I’d found the one for me, she’s been here all the time.

I took her and loved her, making love until the dawn.
I had found my friend and lover, to love my whole life long.


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