A touch Erotic, but, Working on some spice.

So I decided to post something special today. Not many people know the real me. Not many people know that I am a little bit of sugar and a whole bunch of spice.  Always smiling, always planning, and always very,very nice.

So here is a poem for the would be dreamers. Why? Because I am in a mood. Hopefully it will get better as the sun goes down.

I smell you on the pillows,
I see you in my dreams.
I feel your kisses on me,
Please tell me what it means.

I bury my head in the pillows,
Remembering you lying there.
Remembering your where your hands touched,
All your long loving stares.

Just to hear you say my name,
I’d lie beside you all night long.
Your kisses are mesmerizing,
Your touch is like a song.

I lay in bed without you,
And I feel your melody.
Your fingers play upon me,
Like the tide upon the sea.

I feel resistance in my core,
You’re not something I should have.
But for a few stolen moments,
I let your touch drive me mad.


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