Sunday Sensations – The wonderful world of love.

Any one who has read my work knows I am all about love.

Falling in love. Being in love. Running from what love is. Anything to do with the discovery and pursuit, oh hell, anything at all to do with being, looking for or achieving love… I am all over it. But why?

Romance is the number one selling kind of books. Even the sci-fi book, jag books, mystery books, intrigue books, children’s book have love in it in some form or another. Love is at the basic level of our building blocks. Every religion I have ever studied has Love as on of the core lessons it teaches. Especially the bible.

Love one another as I have loved you. John 13:34

I am in no way a bible quoting purest but, I love being loved. No matter what the source is. Love is one of the basic humans needs that ever one looks for. Dating websites are full of people looking for love. Bars are full of people seeking a connection. But why do they not look, within themselves first?

Before you are able to love someone else, with your whole heart and soul, you must love yourself. You must care for yourself. You must understand you own mind, body and soul inside and out to know what kind of person will fit your split apart scar just right.  Don’t believe me? Look at your life. If you are single and looking, when is the last time you met a person who was perfect for you? If your married, Did you marry a person who was perfect for you?

If you are a person looking for paternal love and acceptance or your soul mate. Find ways to love yourself… When you can find things about you to love, others will not have to look so hard. Loving your self is not pride… Its acceptance. How can you accept others just the way you are, if you can’t accept yourself just as you are.

Try it… it Works.

On that note, Thank you Mr. Black. You love me so completely that my heart is always full, my soul is always glowing, and my heart never wants for more. You are my perfect piece.


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