Inside a woman’s heart.

A woman’s heart is so deep that secrets sit in her heart for years without being thought of.  Then like an old friend, it resurfaces and causes an unbelievable pain or an indescribable joy.  There are many secrets that can never be shared and are only remembered in front of a fire with a good bottle of wine and a thought of a time from long ago.

Love and romances that are hidden in the most secret places of a woman’s heart are never visited, but, always there.  They are there to hold on to a time in your life that has gone, but will never be forgotten.  A part of your life that you wish, if you had a time machine, you could do over.

Songs always seem to bring out the best and even the worst of a memories in a woman’s heart.  Slow songs bring out the touch of lover from your youth or even heart breaks that happened ages ago but hurt more everyday.  They can even describe times when your heart-felt young, even though your body is beginning to age and lose its youthful shine.

After so long, we marry and even the most treasured of lovers and the most secret of friends disappear from the front of your mind, but they are never truly gone.  When hidden deep with in our heart, we gain the ability to transform any mood into a reminiscent playground. Thoughts we never let loose for our spouses to discover.

All women keep these secrets, for in keeping these secrets a part of ourselves is never lost.  We keep them in hopes that romance is remembered forever and that love truly never dies.Then one day returns for us. It is what we use when date night comes around and our spouses want something special, something different. Something that will make him hold you like the first time he ever kissed you.

Sometimes love returns to take you where you least expect it. Love grabs that spark in your heart and unfold a magical place just for you. Gives you a love to find that is yours alone. Takes you on a journey that defies everything you thought you knew.

And so it did return……. one dark, yet star filled sky.


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