Rain on a Tin Roof.

Everything is perfect. The light rain hitting the roof is  putting me in that place between being awake and being asleep. Have you ever had a dream in this place? It is like a movie in your head but its not like a dream, because, it is a little more real.

Its a play that passes in front of your eyes and you have to really think about weather you are awake or not. This is the only place I see my beloved. For moments at a time in this hyper sensitive vortex of happiness, I see him standing on the base of the castle steps telling me to come this way.

The Goblin King.

I mean for real, it is David Bowie… Who wouldn’t want to stay in that moment as long as you could. Don’t Judge. You know you love him. I think I am going to work on a fanfic where he actually gets the girl.



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