The Voice of a Writer. The Wisdom of Danny Glover.

Danny Glover is one of the most versatile actors I have ever seen. He played a great cop in the Lethal weapon series. He played the serious abusive husband in the color purple. Out side of his acting career he is a humanitarian and a brilliant poetry reader. Passionate, emotional and able to capture words in an amazing way. His commanding presence is like a force of nature you cannot ignore.

When I was young I was privileged enough to go to one of his poetry reading at the Ramsey Center on the WCU campus in Sylva NC. I had asked him if he felt the writing now has lost the soul that  writers from long ago had once had. His answer kind of surprised me. He said no. that had not diminished but it had changed.   As I have gotten older, I understand this a little more. I have read authors today that have old souls. I have read some that are not. One can argue that this is a sign of how well read the author is, but, I disagree.

Talent comes in all forms. Just as some people are born to play musical instruments or be prodigies at games, there are some people who are born to write. You can tell in the way they use words to capture a reader’s imagination. No mater how complex the story or how simple the language.

Words, language, story lines, muses, music, coffee or wine. All these things help a writer with an amazing imagination speak volumes to the people who pick up their work. I gave Mr. Glover some of my poetry that day. I shutter to remember the poor grammar and incomplete works of someone who had lots of untapped potential.  I am hoping that one day I get the chance to meet him again, I have grown and I have become every bit a passionate about writing, as he was in reading Langston Hughes and EE Cummings.


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