4 am Inspiration

Any one who reads my blog knows I am all about empowering people and inspiring them to do great things. I would like to give a shot out to a remarkable artist who has an amputated leg and has not let that stop her from reaching for her dreams.

Her name is Viktoria Modesta. Her electronic sound can be a bit repetitive, but, she is no doubt on her way to being an amazing star. In her video Prototype She is empowering a nation to be different. Her Betty Boop like amputee character is fun and very creative. Having a best friend who grew up with only one leg, I find this video wonderfully new and worth the watch.

Even though her elective surgery was to help her improve her walk , she believes her body is the sexy of the future. I find it very fitting that this young woman used a Betty Boop looking character. I adore Betty Page. And if you know anything of Betty’s life, her love for her body and at easy nature with people made her an unparalleled legend. I hope Viktoria makes it a very long way.


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