Writing for an extraordinary world.

As a writer I am always reading something in the news feeds, on yahoo, watching you tube or even in a really old book to gain a glimpse of something that makes me want to go, “OH YEAH! That is my next post!” Even in all the Negative headlines designed to make you fearful and depressed, there is always a glimmer of something better.

This morning it was a letter from an old employer. I had been named as the one person who had inspired several students to keep going and motivated them to succeed. I was floored. Me?

I talk a lot on how people should inspire others to do better and do amazing things, But, I rarely think I inspire anyone. Today I was recognized for it. It was just an email that I doubt many people people saw, but, to me it was a light on a dark day.

For a writer, it is much the same when we find out someone enjoys our writing. We get approached by a fan and we are honored that we have touched someones heart. We meet another and we are thrilled there is two. But when you walk into a room of over 100 people who want to shake your hand because you might have said something special, that hit them in the bottom of their heart and made them remember something precious. That is a dream I cannot wait to experience.

Thank you to all the students who nominated me for the recognition of your inspiration. I hope to always inspire you now that you have graduated and gone out into the world to do amazing things!



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