New Years in North Carolina.. Love Mr. and Mrs. Black

I would like to apologize to all the people who follow me, for not posting the past two weeks. I am visiting family for the holidays and the trip turned into a much bigger ordeal than I expected. I have thought of several things to write about, but, I think everything leads to talking about family.

Being an inspirational writer, I avoid talking about family whenever possible. Not everyone has the family that I do. If you don’t I want you to remember one thing. Your life is what you make it. If you have a less than perfect family, that is OK. Sometimes family is not what we, in our hearts, had wanted them to be.  But you are who you are. Instead of looking in every direction, at what your family should be, celebrate them for what they are.

Now, on to the New Year’s revolutions.

I have several that I personally would like to accomplish.

1. My most important thing is new ways to show my wonderful Mr. Black how much I love and appreciate him. I never thought I would meet someone like him, ever.

2. I would like to work more on my writing. I am hoping to write a blog a day but no less than 4 a week. My blogs I feel are an important part of who I am.  If I am not sharing then I am not doing my job as a writer.

3. Publishing this year would be amazing.

4. I have always been a fan of thinking of 6 impossible things before breakfast. Why not write down 6 inspirational thoughts before lunch.

5. Tell my family how much I love them. I have the most wonderful Mother. I have the most amazing brothers. I have the most amazing sisters. It is time they knew it.

Good luck in the new year. From my family to yours, May it be the best year yet!

Rowen Black


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