January 7 and Just getting back.

Good morning my Darlings. My apologies for being away. Family is most important to me and I had urgent matters to attend to. I am now back in my solarium with my morning cup of coffee to write something inspirational. Mr Black has gone to work and that leaves me some time to wonder among my own thoughts as I go across the house doing chores.

I was in North Carolina for the holidays and I have come to one conclusion. I really miss being there. The Beauty is fetching. I had the pleasure of taking Mr Black with me to a place called Highlands, it is a time all its own.  Yes I have a series of stories that take place there, but, to see it in person is unlike anything I have ever known. A place outside of time, where you heart is light and happy.

The locals don’t believe in rushing. they don’t like rude hurried people. it is a wonderful place that still closes the main street down on Halloween so the kids can trick or treat safely. These are the places I want to write about. These lost places in the world that have the home town feel and are not on the main roads.

What place do you think of when you think “lost Village”?

Thank you Vandy McCall for the inspiring Photo.


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