Dwelling in the world of the marvelous. Keeping hope alive.

Last night I shared one of my many guilty pleasures. As an erotic writer I have many. I am sure I will share so much more with you when I am done, but, for now one little guilty pleasure is out there for the world to see and laugh about. Which bothers me not. I have written many wonderful shorts over that little pleasure. I have made people hot and bothered over the characters and they had no clue I was writing about them. Bonus for me.

As I sit this morning in my solarium watching the morning traffic drinking my coffee. (No Whiskey this morning OP. even I have to work.;-p) I count my blessings. I realize these days I have far more than I can count some times. so i just try to think of 6 a morning. Today… it is all about the writing.

1.I have a great fan base.

2.I enjoy writing naughty tidbits to make people blush and I am good at it.

3.If i ever lack the idea of a terrible self-absorbed character I just need to go grocery shopping. The tabloids are full of great material.

4. My husbands smile. This is my morning motivation. If you know my husband, you would agree he lights up a room when he smiles. It is very hard not to love him. I didn’t put him first because I didn’t want to seem too much of a suck up.

5. I have an amazing opportunity. I had a great writing career already started and I chose to start over. Why? Because sometimes writers get wrapped up in the look what I have done and forgot what it took to get there.

6. I inspire others. That in its self is blessing. Put out into the world your wonders and you will see them return 10 fold. I am all about a world of wonders.

So with my 6 blessings in hand I sit to create and amazing world. I have pen and paper in hand, (i like to feel the words first). and a beautiful morning in which to create.

What blessings do you count in the morning?


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