Guilty Pleasure. Give me some Grown man.

What is your Guilty Pleasure? A movie? Chocolate? As I sat watching the Goldburgs tonight mine appeared on the TV. Yes….I am a fan of New kids on the Block

So sorry Mr. Black but, it was before us. Much to the embarrassment of my husband I was as giddy as a school girl watching the young new kids jump on stage. Bringing me back to a very wonderful summer I had bugged Donnie’s Uncle Arthur about meeting him… Yes, young and totally obsessed.

Now that I am older and always in look for music. I have stumbled across this to add to my makes me write about naughty things tracks.

Yes my favorite boy band has grown up to inspire hot and erotic fantasies in my adult hood. Now that I have finished my second glass of wine for the evening and the husband tells me to come to bed, this song is playing in my head…..  Oh Mr. Black…. you are a lucky man indeed.


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