The desires behind some really thought provoking reads.

I have not been Writing a lot this month because one I lost my day job and two I have been reading some really thought-provoking stuff. I have often wondered when reading a piece I find inspirational, “What was going on in your life to make you think that?”  Or, “Who hurt you so bad that you are so sad?” Or even, “Wow… and that was a perfect stranger?”  OK, so maybe it is only my own writing that the last one applies to but I do like to ask questions.

For myself I use tons of imagery to make the pictures in my head make sense to the people reading my work. For the most part, I am just trying to make sense to me how I feel. Some time shapes and colors with bring through a deeper feeling than a word or a picture. People relate to color when you are talking emotion.

Red the color of passion or anger.

Orange a warm sunset.

Blue the cool water that calms and stills you.

Green a grassy meadow waiting for loves first kiss.

Yellow the color of the hair on a beautiful girl.

Most people will relate to color especially if you are wanting to convey some kind of thought provoking idea. I have been reading so pretty emotional stuff over the last few days and most of it uses description of color to pull me into the sorrow the writer was feeling. I have to say I have been really impressed and want to try it.

So I was wondering, what do you use to paint a picture for your readers. is it color? Is it pictures. What does the descriptions best for you? I am hopefully going to check in every night now. If there were not so many great writers out there I would get more work done.

Pick a new blog and read it. You wont regret anything but not having more time.



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