A rainy thought on Thursday

I woke up to the soft sound of rain this morning. After all my chores were done and the daily events were started. I watched the Doctor walk out the door and head of into the world. I took a long breath and fixed my morning cup of coffee and sat down in front of a blank screen and total silence.

Deafening silence.

My life seems to have stopped. The momentum I began to build at the end of last year has been cut short and stamped out. Yet still I hear the characters in my head living on. There are some mornings I wake up to the sound of a musical crescendo as two of my characters dance hand in hand. I hear “And time goes by” by Sir Anthony Hopkins as he holds her close and touches his nose to her neck.

I am not crazy, but, I hear full conversations. I see lines of love and living through endless days and months and yet I can’t seem to get in town on paper. So today I am going to try again. I wished away the rain. I sent away the clouds and now I sit, waiting on the sun to dry away the fog in my brain and bring me beloved inspiration. I have missed almost a full month of blogging. It kind of puts my heart out of sorts. I know without the day-to-day writing and random musing my creative side sits idle.

Now I am back home I pray things get back to normal. I hope you are well and that writing is abundant.  I am hoping to have future post on a new run of stories.



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