Secret Love.. In the words of a stranger.

Secret Love

Hello my secret love,

I’ve been dreaming of you again.

The way you say hello,

Your fire that burns within.

To see you standing there,

After being apart so long.

Your touch still soft and warm,

I didn’t love while you were gone.

I would sit upon the beach,

My feet in the foaming tide.

Wish all night on every star,

You were back here by my side.

I love the way you look at me,

Capturing me with your eyes.

Your long loving stares,

Darker than the midnight sky.

I would tell you that I Love You,

But I don’t want to be a fool.

For love is very blind,

And passion, a sharpened tool.

Let’s say the passion between us,

Dies down or even ends.

Once we have explore the hidden feeling,

Do you think we could still be friends?

Once we’ve gone forward,

I’m afraid there’s no way back.

If our love becomes no more,

Our friendships would loose it’s tracks.

I’ll wait till then to worry,

Right now I live for this.

The moments when our eyes meet

And every long awaited kiss.


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