The Best love story ever told.

What is the best love story you have ever been told?

In the beginning, for me at least, it was the Princess Bride.  I will not marry today, My love will save me. That is the most romantic notion. As I got older I must admit I am a fan of “Ever After” and of course “Enchanted”. I think the most romantic think about those movies is the eye contact.

The eyes are windows to your soul. You can see great pain, joy and love within the eyes. They can’t lie. I think that is how I gauge great actors. because their eyes will tell you they believe in this part.

I have thought a lot of my series that I am working on, and who I would love to see play my characters. And I would pick Amy Adams in a heart beat to play my character Sabeth. The ultimate mother figure. Why? Because she has the capability of putting her whole heart into a character and show you the curve! Sigh.

With this being said, I think I should post a short. A love story. I like my readers to be gushy once in a while.

As always with much love ,



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