Self Publishing Is The Wrong Choice

I love this blog. It is well worth the read. Thanks PJ for such great advice.

P.J. Fox Writes

For most of you, it is.

For some of you, depending on what you aim to achieve and your vision of a writing lifestyle, it definitely is.

Writing–by any means–is thankless enough.  Now add to the rejection, the dismissals, and the mockery the assumption that your book doesn’t count.  That you as a writer don’t count.  That your book, despite having sold ten thousand copies, just doesn’t cut the mustard as well as the latest serial novelization of a franchise you don’t care about, because your book costs 2.99 and that book costs three times as much.  That “indie” equals “bad,” and the readers of the world are doing you a favor by giving you a chance.  That’s a career in self publishing.  Sound “easier,” now?

I’ve already talked about the bizarre double standard of reviews, but the fact that everyone and their uncle becomes an armchair editor–with an appropriately patronizing tone–is…

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