One Lovely Blog Award

There are so many awards on Word press. I think I will start sharing them. This goes to show that my list of Amazing Writers is growing!

The Black Hat Writer

It seems as though I have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Much appreciation to Angela Eve for that. Such a gifted writer thinking to mention me on such a thing is flattering.

So, I am under the impression that I am to list seven facts about myself. Well, despite the fact I can run off at the fingers when typing about so many things, talking about myself has never been my strong point. I usually presume that no one cares.  But, let me give it a try. There is no specific order; I will just list them as they come to me. And I’ll save the obvious “I love writing” bit. I won’t mention my hat, neither.


  1. Easy one: I am an enormous music lover. It’s not a very stirring confession, but it’s a staple-point of my personality because I draw so much…

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