The Turning Tides.

The last week I have been working a lot on the new and up coming story. I have been also making up a to do list for my up and coming writing career. Since I am blogging about the path of an unlikely writer.  I am going to share with you some of the things I have discovered.

I put down on a piece of paper where I would like to be in 5 years. I would Like to be having tea with JK Rowling talking about how we came to being so successful. Ok, so I am not successful yet but for the sake of planning, that is where I want to be.

So to achieve this goal I worked backward on how to get there. And I will have to say Kate Colby you are totally part of my wicked plan. It in itself has turned into a wonderful story i may just have to write. I will have to call it “Meeting JK Rowling”. I wonder If she would let my use her name. 🙂

The whole point to that is in going backwards I realized that meeting the people you want to potentially call your friends can be a lot more involved that what you first might think. I mean not to mention the serious gap in social structure, what if they don’t need or want any more friends. I think that was when it struck me. I am wanting to be a well known writer for all the wrong reasons.

Becoming the writer that I want to be is not to fit in with the people who are already there. It is to join the ones who will be there in years to come. People like me, Katie, and countless others are raising up from the no one stature to become the next group of amazing writers.

Not that I wouldn’t love to meet excellent writers like JK, Neil Gaiman, or even Charles Fry who is hilarious! It is not the reason I write. I write to inspire. So here I go… back to my 5 year plan. To focus a little more on the networking of amazing authors and not so much on the stars out of reach.



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