To Write… Or not to Write.

The biggest thing I have faced in my writing life is if I should actually write my ideas down . As a writer, I write what I see in the world. What I experience i change a little and make a story out of it. It may not always be based on the event, but, it is in large part my perspective.

People may not always agree. Fans may not want to accept. But this is the way it is. I have always wondered, for successful writers, how much influence do their fans have? How much do they change themselves, and their writing, to meet the needs of their adoring fans.

Honestly I would rather read amazing fan fiction than change my ideas. Just don’t turn my son of a king into a chauffeur. I have had that happen and it turned me into an offended wailing mule. I am, like everyone else, excited to have fans of my writing. And like everyone else in the business, I am extremely critical of my work.

I encourage everyone who has a favorite blog to write them a fan post. Encourage your favorite blogger today and make a new connection. It could be the difference of a new release or another 8 months without any new stories.


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