You called me What????????

As much as I am on here encouraging others to up lift their peers on this sight. There are some who love to cause a scene. I don’t know why it is the intent of others to bring down writers who are just starting out. I was just told my writing is….


Yeah well on, second though maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. The thing about being Juvenile is that I double my fan base. Because my naughty bits in my story are very adult. So much it makes me cringe when kids come up and say ” I Totally want to read your work”. Yeah… no I am only partial sophomoric.

Down deep who isn’t a kid? I mean, In a world full of crooked politics and people trying to make the whole world conform to being they are someone else, who doesn’t want to rebel just a touch and be a little juvenile? Even the Amazing Mr. Black like to cut loose and wear a fohawk once in a while.

So thank you so much you nameless person who has made it his intention to bring me down. I stand, undaunted. But, I have learned much from your attempted to deface my writing. Next time, let’s have a debate. I may not be as educated as you are, but, I guarantee I can hold my own. Juvenile thinking is limitless.


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