This Is Not A Democracy

This is but one reason I love this author. Straight to the point and very good points of view.

P.J. Fox Writes

This is not a democracy, and I am not your bitch.

Tonight, I’d like to discuss something that happened earlier today.  A fan approached me on Twitter, via DM, beginning the conversation with the statement that she was “having trouble writing a review” for The Prince’s Slave.  She then began to list her problems, not simply with that book but with all of my female characters in general: they were too downtrodden, they were never equals.  Presumably so that she might leave a positive review, instead of a negative one, she asked me to justify–again, not simply the entirety of that book but of all my books.  And she was shocked when I responded, not by laying my soul bare but by telling her to take a hike.

This may be tough love, but–for fans and authors alike, reading this–I need to point out a few things.  Fan experiences…

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4 thoughts on “This Is Not A Democracy

  1. Thank you for the support! You’d be surprised–or maybe you wouldn’t–by how many people do not consider “I have boundaries” to be a good point of view. Or a legitimate one at all. When I was first published, I was a lot friendlier with people, via Twitter, etc on a personal level. I learned the hard way that that’s a really, really bad idea. Which is sad because, as an avid reader, myself, who’d love to connect with some of my own favorite authors, I now understand that it’s a small but vocal segment of the population who’s ruining it for the rest of us.

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    • I get it. I still connect with a lot of my readers but I totally understand the boundaries. I just have a really hard time staying guarded. This is a large part of the reason I abandoned a huge fan base to recreate me. I had to step back from people to remember why I write and fall in love with my characters all over again. I got to focused on what to write to make people happy and not the story, good and bad.

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      • It’s easy to do. And the more one tries to please people, the harder it is to prioritize–to put one’s own self, and one’s own dreams, first. Because really, trying to please people is tilting at windmills.

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  2. hehe I love that story. I spent a long time trying to please people. I find it easier to wear a mask then to open my self up for the comments that could damage my heart. I find that people are less likely to say something to a woman in a mask because they are not sure what to say.


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