On the way to self discovery. Picking your genre.

I have never really sat down and picked out what kind of writer I wanted to be when I grew up. I have been asked a couple of times what my genre is and really I am not sure how to categorize it. So, Lets start from the top.

I write about vampires, hunters, were-wolves, shifters, ghosts, and the occasional falling in love with a time traveler story. oh there was a dragon once.

I never use completely accurate facts. (David this is where I leave the non fictional bits to you.) I feel embellishment of historical facts is a great way to relate to already amazing facts and makes them unforgettable.

My hunter’s story was lightly inspired by a brilliant man (Hugo Pecos), who has a large number of non fictional facts thought his research. You should really check out the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. It is really very cool.

So all in all since I don’t just keep to vampires, I can no longer say I am a vampire novelist. I am a supernatural novelist, I write on all those unexplained love fascinations with all types of  spooky specters. I am working on so many right now i feel a little pulled in too many directions. But honestly I am waiting on an amazing artist.



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