A Writer’s Nemesis… Having too much on your plate.

Thousands of Authors fail every year. They attempt to stay sane and sometimes their sanity is restored after one chapter and sometimes it never comes back. In my last post, I put up a great saying by Lord Byron.

“If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go Mad!”

This is a great way to explain how so many writers are out of their minds. Scheduling real life and writing to stay sane is one of the biggest hurdles we as writers face. Take a break down of the schedule.

Writing a blog
Drive home and start dinner.
Hot tub
Stretch out

At first glance this looks like a really thought out and well planned series of events to follow your day. But this is not so. It does not allow for, real life. Sigh, I have been working on ways to slim stream my wonderful schedule to encompass everything I need in a day. I need to purge creatively. I need to Lounge and regroup. Reading other authors have told me one thing. You must be willing to sacrifice in order to create best work. Looking at my list, it would be working out. Pass me a freaking cookie. No scratch that… I am protesting that more hours be added to the day. the saying who needs sleep is so not accurate for this girl. My beauty rest is important.

In all seriousness, being a great writer takes discipline.   A writer’s best friend is endurance and follow through. As I have heard many blogging writers say before. It is not how much you fail it is your willingness to get up and try again. So you don’t have time to write everyday? Make time.  You want to be great, you have to put in the time. Your worse enemies are procrastination and self-doubt.

Everyone who writes will have fans. Just like every artist appeal to some and not others. What happens if your words of wisdom, that are meant to inspire the next generation to create and inspire the next generation, are never heard?  Then the Human race has truly lost something. You may think that no one person could be that important, By I am here to tell you, they can be. I am living, breathing proof. One man in my life has been that for me. He thought his existence meant nothing, questioned why he has survived being born. And yet, I would not be me, without him. Never forget you, your words, can be that tipping point for someone else. You may never know it.

Write like you will be remembered forever.



2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Nemesis… Having too much on your plate.

  1. This is just the pep talk I’ve been needing. I’ve really been letting daily life get in the way of my writing and take all my creative energy. You’re right. It’s time to regroup. Thanks for the reminder and this thoughtful post!

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