I have found my BALANCE!!!!!

For the last few weeks my morning has consisted of getting up going to work and coming home exhausted.  I have been working on a way to make my schedule work with Home, Work, Gym and the much needed purging of my soul so my brain doesn’t explode. I have finally found out how to make it work. Of course something had to go so I elected it should be sleep.

Getting up an hour earlier is interesting.  First of all no one else in their God loving mind is up this early. While everyone else was snug in their bed in our complex I was pounding away on weights and the elliptical. Now at close to 6 am I feel amazing. I can take on the world and take out the trash!

Have a great morning Bloggers! May inspiration find you and give you a good kick in the butt. For some reason I think many of you need it this morning.


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