Writers tool Box! Where is My Wiki!!!!

Research is one of my favorite things to do.  I love taking my character line and turning it inside out. I love matching it to piece of history. Why? Because it makes them seem more real. It also gives me a chance to learn something in history that I didn’t know. I am a professional student. I learn anything I can, because, you never know what you might need one day in your story.

My problem comes from keeping all my research organized.

For most NaNowrmo fans out there I have Scrivener. I love scrivener because it will hold a series of books. character work ups, research link and pages and anything else I can stuff in there. To date I have never stuffed it to the point of “No more will fit in this file”. The only thing it doesn’t do is visible linear lines. Time lines if you will.

Inter Tiddly Wiki! Thank you CDWangs!

I know it sounds really corny like the guy who showed it to me, but, it is amazing. Like scrivener it keeps everything filed, and takes up the smallest space of your hard drive. I have been using mine for years to solidify my characters time line. No I can’t keep everything in my head. This shows date lines and allows you to create separate tiddlers for each date or character.  For anyone wanting to organize more visually, before pouring your heart into a processor or program for writing, I suggest taking a look at it.

You can never have too many tools to help you organize. The better you know your stories the easier it is to write about them. What do you use to organize your world of unending research?


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