Scary Editors and Making Hard Choices.

After my blog last week I realized I had stuff that needed to go to the editor. I will have to say, before I started writing I didn’t realize how important and editor is. Anyone can write and create something interesting, but, no one can do it perfectly.

And editor is a crucial part of the process. They take your crap and make it readable for the masses. What few people tell you about editors is they have a crappy job! They have to deal with Narcissistic authors who think they are the next Edgar Allen Poe. I mean, I know how much tolerance I have to have for other people when it comes to things like Art, shops, and lifelong business. When you are dealing with people and something they have poured their soul into, you are asking for headaches.

I cringe when I think about my poor Amazing Mr Black and his editing job for my novels. I mean, he not only has to tell me my hard work makes no sense in places he also has to live with me! “I am sorry I had to tell you’re your second draft is still crap. Are you still making dinner tonight?”

Having your husband be a huge part of your book writing process is not for everyone. But, it makes for a much stronger relationship when it works. You can’t hold back. You have to trust, and that level of trust is never easy.He had to learn he can’t be afraid to talk to me. Some times it is going to hurt. Me, on the other hand, I am still learning to pull on my big girl panties and take it like an adult.  He is diffidently the better part of this relationship.

For those who have an editor outside your home, this is the same. Trust your editor. Be kind to them when they offer feedback. Your editor may not have you as their only client. So be the best, most understanding client they have. They are there to make you look better. So don’t give them crap unnecessarily.



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